Let's see what you can do with InsAdder

Follow Users

To follow users with a keyword or a link to their pages or through a searched post; follow a user's followers/following, follow users who interacted for the past setting hours.

Unfollow Users

To unfollow the not-follow-back for the past setting hours; to limit unfollowing per a running thread or a day; users in a white list not to be unfollowed and more.

Like Photos

To like photos posted by a user or a custom listed photos.

Unlike Photos

To unlike searched photos with a link/keyword or was liked for the past setting hours.

View Story

To view users' stories with story links.

Share Photos

To keep your Instagram profiles active, engaging and interesting by sharing or uploading photos to your Instagram accounts directly from local.


To get other users’posts to post.

Like Comment

To find a precise comment on a linked/hashtaged posts with a keyword/username and to like.

View Story by User

To keep your Instagram profiles active, engaging and interesting by sharing or uploading photos to your Instagram accounts directly from local.


To keep your Instagram profiles active, engaging and interesting by sharing or uploading photos to your Instagram accounts directly from local.

Export Accounts for Associated Program

To export InsAdder accounts to import into other associated applications for increasing an account search rank easily.

Search Users

To search the precise users to follow or send a private message to, with keywords and usernames; and to exclude users of defaulted profile picture only.

View Profile

To view a profile with a link over a preset view time.

Send Direct Message

To send a private or direct message of either typing words or photos or by page to followers or friends or group members or searched users or user’s page; tag a user in a message and more.


To make comments on photos or other users' photos or custom listed photos.

Search Photos

To search photos to like or to make commnets on, with a keyword/hashtag or a map name/link.

Search Photos by User

To search a user's photos after finding the user.

Search the un-followback users

To search the amounted not-follow-back users over the setting hours.

Search Users by Post

To find the users through their posts.

Search Followers/Following

To search users' followers or followings to follow,unfollow or send message or more after finding targeted users; to save the searched users for further process.

Account Manager

To manage multiple and categorized accounts easily with proxy/fingerprints/user agent binding and auto login and activity monitoring with recorded statistics.

Send Message by Check

To scrape keywords from the latest received message and to reply with a pre-edited text based on the keywords. This function requires the use of module keytext.


To import or export massive accounts' information at Account(s) Manager board; to import or export a preset order at Task Manager board.


To pre-edit a text content to be used in cases of posting, commenting or replying a comment and to run orders with this text based on timeline.

Block User

To block a user

Home Like

To make a home like

Home Comment

To make a comment on home page


To rephrase a post content in slightly different ways for multiple creating.

Black List

To block users from being engaged in any activities to be performed.


To exclude the same found in one from another

Get the Users Associated with Me

To search users who interacted with you for past setting hours


To create posts or more with information collected from an RSS feed for reference.


To create a post with the imported/searched photos and the added tags

Free Update

To enjoy a regular upgrading for free

What Can You Expect from InsAdder

InsAdder will get you more traffic, views, likes and followers for Instagram, and boost your influence.

How Can I Benefit From It?
InsAdder will take care of your Instagram account so you can give yourself a break.
Boost Your Exposure
Share your own expertise in a way that interests and engages social
Schedule all your social media updates for Instagram.
Turn on Multiple threads to do more account interactions at the same time.
Increase Conversion Rates
Boost conversion rates by Utilizing User-Generated Content (UGC) Across The Customer Journey.
24/7 Customer Service
You will not only work with the best support team, but with highly trained social media experts that will help you build a game-changing business.